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Oh, Hi there, nice to meet you. My name is Cody and that beauty is Haley, my soulmate!  

When we were engaged we flew by the seat of our pants to plan the wedding. We didn't have much and didn't want much. But there was one thing I wish we had some insight on...

Through out the whole process no one ever told us how important these images would be to us in 5 years, or 20 years, or what they will mean when our kids walk the aisle.

 For me, Cody, I didn't grow up with a ton of pictures of us hanging in our homes. But now that I have two little boys I see the importance of having prints in our home from not just our wedding but our everyday lives.

I want my kids to see the love i have for their mom in my eyes as she walks down the aisle. I want them to see where their Legacy started.   

Love + Legacy Studios was born out of desire to spread love out into the world. Too often we see the negative, the hate and heartache. For this to change we need to start building Legacy's of Love in every home and family. 

Photographs can do a lot, I mean a picture is worth a thousand words right!? But more than the words that they speak, the emotion they capture and the moments that are preserved for ever can be shared with all of our friends and family for generations to come. 

We know first hand the power photos have in our lives. They hold memories of loved ones that have passed, moments from a different time, our legacy's roots. 

Wedding photography’s isn't a check mark on a list. It truly is the foundation of married life together.

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How will you pass on your Legacy? Being able to hang pictures on the wall that tell a story of love that spans generations is more powerful than anything else. 

To be honest, we only offer you the best of the best custom made art work for your home. Your Legacy deserves to be hung proudly on your walls for all to see. Cherish those fleeting moments for decades to come.

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Each of our Maternity Sessions come with a beautiful framed print to hang in your home. 

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Wondering if a maternity session is right for you? The first thing we do is meet to talk about your expectations and what you want to get out of this session. We also want to make sure that we are the right fit. 

For your maternity session I want you in the best possible light available and therefore the time slots are very limited. 

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